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This camp will feature our favorite characters who know how to get things done. We love these strong girls who are determined, adventurous, resourceful, confident, loyal and true. Students will participate in dancing, games, and crafting, all celebrating these brave characters.
Bonus - no experience required!​

WHEN: August 4th


WHERE: Power Dance Company-931 S. Country Club, El Reno

AGES: 4-10 years old

TIME: 1pm-3pm ​

COST: $25

DRESS CODE: The dancers are allowed to dress like their favorite PRINCESS or wear leotards, tights, dance shorts, dance tops, t-shirts, leggings, and athletic shorts. As long as they can move freely in their attire and are not restricted they are good to go!

SHOES: They can wear ballet, jazz, tennis shoes, or go barefoot during class. 

*Bring a water bottle!

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